Tuesday, July 07, 2009

having a great summer so far

June was quite the busy month! I had been thinking for the last couple of months that I was ready to get out of the apartment life. I had to give my apt. complex a 60 day notice. Hello?!?! Who knows where they're moving to 60 days in advance! No one wanted to rent me a duplex and hold it for me for 2 months, which makes sense. Then I thought I had found the perfect duplex! It had been remodeled and looked great, had a super landlord lady, was in a good neighborhood, etc. But then there was a situation with the neighbors that were running a home healthcare business which was against codes and it was downhill from there. It didn't work out and the clock was ticking. I had less than 2 weeks until I left for Denver and had to be moved out before I left.

I went to Ruston to see my niece in the VBS musical and brought my dad back to Euless with me to help me pack. He's a super organized packer and was a HUGE help.

my brother Chad, his wife Brandi, and my nieces
While I was in Ruston, I found a duplex online, we went to see it, and now I'm all moved in! Of course there are still many boxes to unpack, but most of the major stuff is done. My mom came for about 24 hours to help hang stuff and decorate and then took my dad back home. I couldn't have done it without them! I came up with a ton of stuff for a garage sale in the fall. Thanks to Kristi's extra garage space, I can store it there until cooler weather. No way I'm having one in this 100 degree weather, although it would be nice to get it done while I have time off. But oh well.

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I helped Sarah celebrate her birthday/getting her masters. Yep, I still like setting my camera timer for group pics. :)

I just got back from Denver with my friend Brenda. I went to help her babysit her 2 grandkids while their parents went to Hawaii. We had a lot of fun. I got to have the whole basement to myself. There was a pool table, pacman, a kitchen, a huge tv, my own bedroom, and a workout room down there. We watched the sunset on the balcony a couple of different times. I think I could definitely move there for the summers, but the winters...not so much. I don't like cold weather enough. But it might be worth it for the great summers!

my buddies Joshua and Lindsey

a girl could get used to this! :)

George and Brenda

We went to this pizza place called Beau Jo's where there's a balloon guy on Monday nights. Well, the balloon guy wasn't there but his sub, the balloon girl, was incredible. Check out Ariel and Aurora and Spiderman. Come to find out, her dad is a professional clown so that's how she learned to make balloons. I was impressed! Also, has anyone ever heard of putting honey on your pizza? Well they do there, but I didn't try it. They bring a bottle of it to each table for you to add yourself.

Also in June, I got a new job. My friend Wendi became the principal at a school in my district and she had a few openings. I'm going to still be teaching reading small groups, but no longer doing the "Read Right" program like before. Now I'll have more flexibility with my lessons. I also get to get rid of teaching special ed. I didn't mind teaching the kids, it was the planning and paperwork that I didn't like! I'm sad to leave my school and the friends I've made there, but excited to see what the future holds. My friend Krista is going too and we'll be sharing a room. She's going to pull small groups for math. I know a couple of the teachers already and am excited to see how it goes. Coming in as a friend of the principal might not win me big points at the beginning, but hopefully I can win them over quickly. ;) ha ha!

Wendi's on the left and Krista's on the right

and one last pic for the road...Wade Bowen in Ft Worth about a month ago :)