Monday, May 29, 2006

And she'll have fun, fun, fun till her Daddy takes the T-Bird away...

Even though the rest of the world is through with school, good ole Irving is still going. We have 3 more days with kids and then a work day on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday are half-days with the kids, so Tuesday we are having our end-of-the-year party. Last year my room-mom had a Luau theme. This year I don't have a room-mom so I decided to do a Luau again. I bought them all leis and a friend downloaded some Hawaiian music for me. They'll do the limbo and some hula dancing and no telling what else. :) It should be fun! I will miss a few of my kids, but I have some b-a-d boys this year that I am looking forward to promoting on to 3rd grade!

Next week I'm off on Monday, then have trainings the rest of the week. Then for the next 2 weeks I was asked to help write curriculum at the Ad Building. That should be loads of fun. But it was a shorter time period than summer school so I decided to go for it. A group from my church choir is going to New York again this fall to the Music Conference at the Brooklyn Tab, so I wanted to make a little extra money for that.

Then my summer officially begins. I know, I know, those of you that aren't teachers couldn't care less about my summer break. But you probably make more money than me since you work all year so we'll call it even. :) One weekend, my mom and aunt and cousins are coming in for a girls weekend of shopping and such. At the top of my list is meeting little Sawyer B., because I'm a horrible friend and haven't done that yet. Also, I'm hoping to make a trip to Houston sometime this summer. Kristi keeps telling me how sweet little Andrew is and about all of his tricks he can do, so I'm dying to see him again! Who wants to go with me or meet there? I think I've already roped in Jill. I'll be making a couple of trips to Ruston throughout the summer so I hope to meet Stahley Sears and see the Nidas when I go through Shreveport. Mrs. Kathy, I'll call you when I come into town! Once the Strains are all moved in to Monroe, I'll definitely be making a stop there to see them and Stacy. And before the summer ends, it will all be worthwhile if I find myself an Aggie when I go visit Carrie and Jason in College Station. :)

Sounds like I better take out a loan to pay for all that gas! I hope all of you are having a good Memorial Day weekend! I hope to see you this summer!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Let's Do the Twist

I'm sorry but I have nothing new to blog about.But I recently received a link to this dancing video clip. It's hilarious! I hope it makes you get up and dance! :)