Sunday, July 29, 2007

Still celebrating

Last night I went to eat at Texas Love & War with Kristi, Jill & Demian, and Murry in Grapevine. We highly suggest the fried pickles and fried green beans! Then we went to Kristi's house and had birthday cake! It was sooooo yummy! It was the Sacher torte from la Madeleine's.

yep, I still like to use the automatic timer on my camera,
just like in college :)

Kristi cutting the cake

Sacher torte

Jill & Demian re-enacting their wedding reception...

I really appreciate all your birthday wishes, e-cards, gifts, and even a post about me for my birthday! This past week I have really been reminded of what great friends and family I have! Maybe I'll turn 30 every year from now on. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

30 is the new 20, right? :)

Since 30 is the new 20, I shouldn't feel any older, right? But I do!!! Some friends took me out to dinner last night. We had loads of fun! My friend Greg (in the white shirt below) works for Nokia and got me a new phone that's out in Europe. It's sooo cute! And it's red, my favorite color! It's a slide phone with an MP3 player, radio, camera, etc. I love it!
The group after dinner at Monica's...

Me and Koby

The black and white girls...Wendi, me, and Melinda

So far 30 hasn't been that bad. I already had gray hair, wrinkles, and bad eyesight so what else is new!?!? :)

Monday I went with some friends to a small waterpark called Bedford Splash that's here in HEB. My friend Karen has 2 sons. This one is DeWayne. Isn't he so cute in his floaty suit? The faces he can make with those eyebrows crack me up!

My friend Krista had her baby last Thursday. Her name is Hannah Marie. How sweet!!! I started tearing up when I first held her b/c they've been wanting a baby for a long time! There were some difficulties with the pregnancy so I was glad to finally have her here and healthy.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Margaret from Ruston came to town with her 3 kiddos. I entertained them some while she had some meetings and things to do. It's a rough life swimming with the kids at the 4 Seasons Hotel. :) Will chose for us to go to the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field. It was really neat. They knew the names of all the planes because their dad is a pilot. Me? I knew Jay Jay the Jet Plane in the kiddie area. :) James chose the Bass Pro Shop. And Sarah Margaret wanted to swim!!! I don't get to see them much since I moved to Dallas so it was good to hang out with them. Sarah looks like she's about to cry but that's her "say cheese" face.

And one more soon-to-be 2nd grade niece Reanne--chewing her food has got to be difficult!

Friday, July 06, 2007

New Braunfels

The river...
Last week, even though most of Texas was flooding, some friends and I headed down to New Braunfels to float the river. We usually float the Comal River but it looked like chocolate milk and was closed. So we drove to the San Marcos River and it was just fine. It was flowing a little faster than usual, but other than that, it was perfect.

On Friday while the guys went on a little road trip, the girls got to visit a previous Bunco member Karen who lives close to Gruene now. Karen was my librarian my 1st year in Irving. She's a hoot! She now lives on the river and loves it. We ate lunch at the Gristmill. Yum!!! Right next door is the oldest country dance hall in Texas called Gruene Hall. George Strait started his career there.

Chris, Sarah, Karen, Wendi, and me

We floated once on Friday and twice on Saturday. On our last trip down the river, it started raining. It had been sunny the whole time. We even got sunburns. The San Marcos River doesn't have any waterfalls or chutes so there was going to be no losing hats or sunglasses this year. And then what do I do?!?! Lose my sunglasses! We had pulled over to the side to hang out in the water for a little while. I had my glasses on my head and leaned back laughing and off they fell into the river. Luckily they were a cheap pair I had bought especially for times like this.

We bought some new tubes this year. Sarah and Jeff live in New Braunfels so they're going to store them for us until next time. Usually we rent the big black tubes that get so hot in the sun. So the new blue and white ones were nice!

Jeff getting the new tubes ready

Don't forget Mike's feet!

hot mamas!

Wendi and I after the rain (see--no sunglasses)

Special Ed...
Ok, so I have a question for you smart people. I'm interested in trying to get a "Read Right" teaching position in my district. I won't bore you with the details of what it is. Anyway...most schools have to use special ed money to help pay for these teachers so you have to be special ed certified. So I signed up to take the special ed test and printed off a study guide that gives you samples of the types of questions you'll have. So here is a math one that I don't get. Remember that I haven't done anything above 3rd grade math in the last 7 years! :)

Using a protractor, a student measures the sum of the interior angles in a triangle and obtains 176 degress. What is the percent error of this measurement?
A. 0.04%
B. 2.22%
C. 2.27%
D. 4.00%

It told me the correct answer, but I don't have a clue how to find it. Can anyone tell me? It doesn't really matter because it was just a sample, and I already took the real test today, but I was just curious.

4th of July
Here are 2 of my favorite little friends on our way to see fireworks for the 4th. Connor loves to see the pictures and my camera is kinda slow so he usually moves before I have the shot. But I finally got him to stay still on one.
Riley and Connor