Wednesday, January 14, 2009

trip to Houston

This past weekend Jill and I headed to Houston to visit Shandra and her family and see Jenn before she has her twins next month. Blake and Andrew were so excited about us coming that they couldn't fall asleep on Friday night. They stayed up way past their bedtime and got to see us. Really we planned that ahead of time but don't tell their mommy. ;)

Saturday we headed to Jenn's house for a girls day. We showered her with gifts and had a great time. We got to see her cute nursery for Jenna and Ellie. She had received tons of presents so we helped her open all the packaging and get organized. Shandra's a pro at getting baby rooms organized! I unwrapped diapers from her diaper cakes. Jill brought yummy Sprinkles cupcakes for us to snack on. After all that hard work, we figured we deserved a treat. Jenn, Shandra, and Jill got a pedicure and I got a manicure. Then we went to dinner and got to see Don before we left. We tried talking Jenn into starting a blog or getting on facebook but she just couldn't be convinced.

Saturday night Matt was just dying for us to get home so he could visit with us some more. :) We talked about all sorts of good Tech times. It's funny the way we each remember stories a little differently. I didn't get to hang out much with Matt in college so we made up for it this weekend. We also tried talking him into getting onto facebook but he doesn't have time for that because he's going to be looking for me a railroad man to date. Plus, if he wants to talk to you, he'll call you...his words, not mine. :)

Shandra and Matt's boys are the sweetest things ever! And so smart too! They liked me and Jill so of course they're smart. :) Thanks for hosting us, Shan! I had a blast and can't wait to do it again sometime. Now it's your turn to come to Dallas......