Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Wait Is Over...

I know, I's been forever since I've blogged. Sorry! But I really haven't had anything new to blog about lately. But I did find out some good news yesterday. About 6 weeks ago our principal told us that we needed to start getting ESL certified because our school had one of the lowest number of ESL certified teachers. So in June there is going to be a 2 day training before the test, but I just didn't have the desire to spend 2 days doing that. So I talked a couple of my 2nd grade teacher friends into going out on a limb and taking the test with me a few weeks ago, with no training. And surprisingly, they did it! We studied the few sample questions online, but other than that, without going to a class, that was about all we could do. So the week before the test, our principal started calling teachers into her office to tell them if she was moving them to another grade level next year. First, she asked me if I would be willing to move to 1st or 3rd grade. I wasn't excited to leave my friend Karen in 2nd grade, but I told her I would do 3rd grade but not 1st. So for about a week, I was thinking that's what I would do. Then a couple of days before our test, she calls me back in and tells me I'm staying in 2nd grade. So it was a rough couple of weeks and we couldn't care less about our test at this point. But we go and take it and then have to wait 3 weeks for our results to be online. So yesterday afternoon I finally found out that I PASSED!!! Yeaaaa! Now what does this mean, you might ask. Not a whole lot. Basically, because they're getting rid of our ESL teacher that pulls kids out for an hour each day, it means that now we're going to be responsible for working more with them in our class. But, I'm throwing around the idea of switching districts next year, so really it's just another thing to add to my resume'. But at least it's over, and since I passed, Irving will pay me back for the cost of the test. :) Jessica, what are the HEB elementary schools like? I'm tempted to try one... :)

For those of you who sang in the Temple Tech Choir, if you're not busy Wednesday night, the Brooklyn Tab Ensemble (not the whole choir) is coming to Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler. A couple of my friends and I are going to drive over. Anybody want to meet us there? They put out a new CD last year and are touring around the country. I'm so excited because I'm going back to New York this fall again with my church choir to the Brooklyn Tab Conference. We had a blast last year so I'm excited about going back.

Ok, that's all the news I have. But probably nobody is even checking my blog anymore since it's been so long since I last posted something new. :) How about anyone who's in the area next weekend, we meet at Jen's Cafe for lunch??? Anybody???

Monday, April 03, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Today was Opening Day for baseball. I took the day off and went to see the Rangers play. Unfortunately they lost 7-3 to the Red Sox. But that's ok, they'll do better when I go back Wednesday night with some friends from work. We had really good seats today thanks to my friend Lori's husband's hook-up. It's nice to have connections sometimes. :)
The biggest flag I've ever seen.
Unfortunately my favorite Rangers player David Dellucci got traded to the Phillies this weekend. So Opening Day just wasn't quite the same without him there today. :(
They didn't time these fighter jets correctly, so they drowned out the 2nd part of Charley Pride singing the national anthem.You gotta love a man in a uniform. :)
I always thought when we were at Tech that we had school spirit until I moved to Texas. Well, actually, my first encounter with Aggies was at Cho-Yeh during college. But now that I live in Texas and am surrounded by Aggies and Longhorns and Sooners (oh my!), it makes me think we don't have as much school spirit as we should have. UT's coach Mack Brown got to throw out the first pitch today and their band was part of the pre-game show. There was burnt orange everywhere! A lot of times when people around here ask where I went to school, I have to clarify LOUISIANA Tech, not Texas Tech. Most of them have heard of LSU, but usually not La Tech. It makes me sad that it's not more well-known. You'd think since it's only 4 hours away, it would be more familiar, but it's not. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad I grew up in Ruston and knew about Tech and had the privilege of going there. I love the memories I have from those 5 :) years of my life. What's one of your favorite memories from college? (And surely it involves me!) ha ha!