Sunday, April 22, 2007

Procrastination 101

So last time I was telling you about Flat Stanley. Well, I thought I read the letter and it said he was due back to Ruston on the 27th. But come to find out, he's due back to school on Tuesday!!! So he and I had a very busy day on Saturday. My good friend Sarah (that I now owe big) took some pictures of Stanley while I went to Jill's wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the wedding to show you because my camera was with Sarah and Stanley. But the wedding was wonderful and Jill was a beautiful bride! I do have a pic from her shower the other day though.
Here are some of Stanley's adventures while in Dallas. Here are his "before" and "after" shots, thanks to Shandra's suggestion. :) The hat is a little out of proportion, but he had big feet to cover up! His Aunt Mandy definitely isn't an art teacher!

Our state flower, the bluebonnets...

Texas Stadium...

My school...

The letter that came with Stanley asked for me to send back some souvenirs and stuff that tells about my city. I found some Texas postcards at Wal-Mart so I bought enough for the whole class. Then I went to a hotel and got some tourist brochures about Six Flags, the Dallas and FW zoos, the wax museum, and all that kinds of stuff. I also sent the program and a pom pom from the Desperados game and a light-up necklace from the Stars game from last week. And you'll never guess how much it cost to ship little Stanley overnight to Ruston?!?!?! I don't even want to say! Someday I'm going to stop being so good at procrastinating! Someday! :)

This afternoon I went with some friends to my first Rangers game of the season. They were playing the Oakland A's. We won 4 to 3. I got to see Sammy Sosa play, although not very well.

For those of you that are familiar with the Ozarka Dot Race, they've added life sized dots this year that race on the field...
Jeff, Melissa, Me, and Scott (almost) all decked out in our Ranger gear.Now I can't wait for July when Dave Dellucci comes to Texas with the Indians!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've been getting my class ready for another TAKS test lately. They took the Math test yesterday. But now the hard part is being quiet the rest of the week while all of our neighbors are still testing!

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? It's a kids' book about a little boy named Stanley . One night while he's sleeping, the bulletin board on his wall falls on him and flattens him. It's a really cute story about how he can do neat things now that he's flat. One thing is that he wants to go visit his friend in California but can't afford to go. So his parents mail him there. In class, the kids make a small sized Stanley and send him somewhere. Then the person that receives him is supposed to take him places and take pictures of him doing things in their city, etc. I 1st read this book when I was student teaching with Mrs. Liz Hood. Now my niece Reanne is in her class and has given me her Flat Stanley to take around Dallas. So far, he's met my 3rd grade class (which I guess I better not post on here) and been to a Stars playoff game. I want to take a picture of him with our state flower (the bluebonnets) but every time I drive by the field in the airport, there are always several people taking family pics, etc. And I would feel a little funny pulling out a little paper boy to take a picture of. But I'm going to do it this weekend...I keep telling myself. :) On Saturday, Stanley's going to visit Texas Stadium and the Rangers Ballpark.
Here are some pics from the pre-game activities at the Stars game.
Those Stars fans are serious about hockey! These are some of the best-dressed fans. Our favorite was the guy with the green mohawk who painted himself green with blue stars. They got a free ticket to the game if they dressed up crazy.
You gotta love when there's a fight at a hockey game! :)

Monday night I went with a couple of friends to another Desperados game. Once again, didn't really want to take Stanley inside so he stayed in the car. :) I got to see history in the making. Dallas' quarterback Clint Dolezel made his 800th touchdown in his 12 years of playing arena football.

Here's a picture of the hail that hit my car last Friday night. There were reports of baseball-sized hail a couple of miles away, so I guess mine wasn't too bad. But watching it hit my car and listening to the sirens going off was a creepy feeling! Luckily the tornado passed me by though.

Here are a few pics from when I went home for Easter...