Sunday, February 19, 2006

Freezing Drizzle

So I've been in my apartment all weekend because it's just too cold to go anywhere. And my cute little weatherman Steve told me not to get out unless absolutely necessary because of the icy roads. And I didn't feel like chancing a wreck. So I've spent a little time cleaning my apartment. I spent a lot of time watching dumb tv shows and movies on the 5 channels I get. Someday maybe I'll splurge for cable. I did a little organizing and paid some bills. But mostly, I have enjoyed relaxing and not having to get ready to be anywhere.

I'm guessing since Tuesday is the TAKS test that my superintendent isn't going to cancel school for tomorrow. But it he does, he likes to wait until 6:00 a.m. the day of to do it. If so, it will be a nice surprise because I'm in no hurry to get out in the 25 degree weather. I'd never make it in a place like..oh...say...Green Bay. ha ha! :) Try to stay warm...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Happy Heart Day!!!

So I rode home with Jessica this weekend. She was going to visit Stacy in Monroe and dropped me off in Ruston. Friday night we stopped in Shreveport and met Ashley for dinner at Monjuni’s. It was fun to catch up like old times. :)

Tonight my parents threw my nieces a little Valentines party. They gave my brother Chad and I one when we were younger and so I encouraged them last year to start the tradition with Reanne and Jaisle (jays-lee). We even wanted the same kind of cake with Hershey kisses, just like the one we had years ago. I wanted it to be a surprise to the girls that I was coming in. Reanne (the 5 year old) left me a message last Saturday night asking me when I was coming home to play with her and telling me how much she missed me. So needless to say, I came home this weekend. Spending time with my family is always fun. There's always lots of laughing going on!

So I guess since I’m getting closer to 30, the types of gifts I receive are changing. Tonight I got a label maker (like Monica on Friends) and a scent machine. I guess my parents are trying to tell me that my apartment is unorganized (which is true!) and smells bad.

Anyway…I don’t have much else to write about tonight. My nieces are calling me to go play with them. Here are some pics of the cake, my brother Chad, my sister-in-law Brandi, my parents, and my nieces. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Oh yeah...I was so excited to hear from Jessica Wisherd Hoehne, Joel Parker, and Mrs. Kathy on my last post!!! Thanks for leaving messages on my blog.

Jessica, you should put some pics of your family on your blog. I would love to catch up on your life that way. :)

Joel and Angie, congrats on the upcoming baby!!! When’s the due date? Are you going to name this one after me? :)

Mrs. Kathy, I’m so jealous that Jessica and Stacy got to have lunch with you today. I hope y’all had tons of fun! Hope to see you sometime soon. I think we should all have a big reunion at Pine Cove with the Renshaws!