Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh tech, thy halls so beautiful...

my little buddy Hannah's huh-lar-ree-ous expression

I sure am enjoying this fall weather. It makes me want to go to Canton this weekend. It would be the perfect weekend for it. I decorated my house for fall and Halloween this week. I needed to have someone come fix my garbage disposal so that gave me a good reason to clean. So then when my house was all clean, it made me want to get my decorations out from storage. Before we know it, Christmas will be here. Or maybe it seems like that because some stores are already decorating for Christmas. :)

trick or treat on my computer desk

the mantle above my fireplace

the dining table

I'm really enjoying watching the new fall shows on my new tv. My friend was upgrading so I bought his tv from him.
1 gently used tv + 1 free home delivery and set up = a 2 good to be true deal
I just finished watching the DAWGS beat Hawaii on it tonight. Now I'm listening to the band play the alma mater trying to remember all the words. :)

o tech, thy halls so beautiful,
thy pleasant walks, thy noble trees,
that charmed in my college days,
are ever dear to me.
louisiana tech, i love thee
my alma mater, my alma mater,
i will ever loyal be
to thee, my alma mater.
those old tech days, those joyful days,
so cherished in my memory,
though days of toil, in many ways
were happy days and free.
Who's going to homecoming?!?!?!? :)