Thursday, August 16, 2007

All moved in

I got all moved in to my new classroom last week. Whew! What a bunch of junk I've collected in the past 7 years! I won't need a lot of it this year so I brought some of it home to store for a while. My spare bedroom is a mess! Unfortunately the teacher that was in my room last year had not moved out yet. I had to put all my boxes in the corner. I'm going back today to see if she's been up there. It's a been a week so let's hope she's cleaned up the place! But then I got to thinking that it might just be junk that she didn't want, and left for me to clean up. This is my 4th classroom to move into, so I've learned that some teachers are like that.

Last Thursday night I went to a Cowboys preseason game. They were playing the Colts which means Peyton Manning was there. :) We were in a suite at the top so the pictures are kinda fuzzy. But I tried to get a picture of him for you, Buf.
We had to keep the windows closed because the air was on so there's a glare. There were fireworks and the players are running through that big helmet down through a line of cheerleaders.
Can you see Manning? Squint! :)
We were in that top section.
The final score was 23-10.
There's usually a group of players that kneel on the star after the game and pray.That's what they were doing here...

The mayor of Nairobi, Kenya was in our suite too. (how random!) He was in Dallas for the week and decided that a Cowboys game would be on his list of things to do. They call him "His Worship." I thought that was funny.

I went home last weekend for a quick trip before school starts. Reanne goes to the daycare at Emmanuel and they were performing a musical on Sunday night. She had a solo and sang her little heart out. She loves to watch Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel so my brother was calling her Reanna Montana. Then they came up with Reanna Louisiana. She couldn't wait to see herself on channel 4 the next night. She did great and wasn't nervous at all. She told me she was going to be singing in front of thousands! :)

I guess if I'm going to get anything done at school today, I better stop blogging now. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A new job!!!

I forgot to mention earlier that I passed my special ed. test!!! And it's good thing because this week I was offered a new position that requires that certification. I will be teaching a small-group tutoring program called Read Right half of the day and going into classrooms and helping special ed. kids in small groups the other half of the day. I will be moving schools...again! It is such a chore packing and moving because teachers are such pack rats! We hate to get rid of anything, in case we need it someday. Last year my parents were a huge help with moving my classroom and apartment. Just the other day my dad told my mom that he sure was glad I wasn't moving this summer! :)

My Bunco friend Jaleen will be moving to my new school to teach 1st grade, my buddy Koby is the new assistant principal, and the new principal Tina used to be Jen Ken's principal. So it's a small world! I am excited about the change but am also sad to leave my 3rd grade team and school. They welcomed me with open arms and I learned so much in such a short time there.

Last night they had a birthday get-together for me at Frances' new house. I was nervous about telling them my news because I didn't want them to feel like I was deserting them. But they were so sweet and understanding. Not that I can't be replaced :) but I know it's not always easy finding teachers with experience at this time of the summer that still need a job.

Jessica, Kasey, Karla, me, and Frances
(Carmen and Susan were out of town)

mmmmmm, red velvet cake!

Yesterday my friend Joy and I went to visit Krista and baby Hannah. She's trying to get her on more of a schedule but it's not working as well as she planned. But all she does is sleep and eat...what a life! Hannah had so fun with Miss Mandy that she needed a nap! :)