Sunday, January 27, 2008

lights, CAMERA, action!!!

For about 5 months my camera has been broken. If you know me very well, you know that I've been lost without it. But finally...I have a new one!!! I found one on sale the other day that had all the features I was looking for. I've played with it a little but haven't had time to do much more yet. The other night I went to dinner with Karen, a 2nd grade team member of mine from my 1st school, and her son. Isn't he adorable?!?! He says some of the funniest things! He was quite entertaining at dinner. He's got me, along with everybody else in his life, wrapped around his little finger. But who could resist a smile like that? I sure can't!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, I'll admit...I'm addicted to my DVR. It can happen so fast! There really aren't that many shows I keep up with anymore but the few that I like, I record. Well, last weekend I was trying to catch up on some shows I'd recorded back before Christmas when things were so busy. I had saved several weeks worth of shows and wanted to watch some. I could see the list of shows but when I would push play, a black screen would pop up and nothing would happen. At first I thought I had messed something up so I pushed every button possible trying to get it to work. My DVR kept recording stuff but wouldn't let me watch it. Finally on Tuesday night I had had enough so I called Time Warner. She said they would have to send a technician out. Luckily they're open on Saturdays so he could come between 2:00-5:00. He just came and guess what...he TOOK my DVR, said it was frozen, that happens sometimes, and gave me a new one. Do you know what that means?!?!? He took all of my recorded shows with him!!! And now it just dawned on me that I have to start from scratch with all my settings. I think I'm gonna cry...

The other day Kristi suggested that I call Time Warner and see if they would credit my account. So I just called and she said she could credit me for the day I called (Wed.) until today. The DVR only costs $5 a month so the grand total is 66 cents! To me, it's more like the mastercard commercial:

my old DVR with all the shows on it....priceless!!!