Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my sweet teeth

Yesterday after work I headed to Kroger's to buy stuff to make dinner last night. The frozen dinner I had eaten for lunch was long gone and I was hungry. I know better than to go grocery shopping when I'm hungry, but I didn't really have a choice. So what did I buy while shopping...Hostess Donettes!!! Thanks to Angie's recent post, I've been craving them for several days now. Thanks, Angie! :)

Almost everything else in my cart was pretty healthy except for these yummy donuts. As soon as I got home I ate a few while I cooked dinner. Then once we sat down to eat, I wasn't as hungry. Oops! :) On my way to work this morning, I remembered the donuts and was sad that I had forgotten to get some for breakfast. I guess I know what my snack will be this afternoon. :)

When I googled for a picture of hostess donettes, this cake came up. Now that's my kind of dessert right there! :)