Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friends and babies...

Today I got to see a lot of BSU girls (and Justin) at Amy’s shower. She got so much great stuff. She was excited about it all being blue for Baby JP. And that little Sadie is adorable and not at all shy! I forgot to take my camera so you’ll have to look at pictures on everyone else’s blogs. Michelle's little Elliot had me wrapped around his finger in no time. Those big blue eyes are beautiful. And according to little Sawyer, his mommy Meredith is pretty funny because boy can he giggle! It was great seeing everyone. It was so sweet of those that traveled so far to be here. We're all blessed to have made such great friends in college.

A few nights ago I got to keep my friend Karen’s little boy DeWayne while she went to the PTA picnic at my old school. She’s one of my closest friends from there. We live about 2 blocks from each other so I get to see her pretty often. DeWayne was sooooo sweet. His mommy doesn’t really like being outside so he doesn’t get to play much out there. So Miss Mandy let him explore the great outdoors. Now I have a new BFF. :) Isn’t he so cute?!?! You should’ve seen me trying to fix his hair after bathtime. :)

Come to find out, all 3 of my old principals were in the dunking booth at the picnic. I would have paid big bucks to have been the 1st one in line for that!

Here’s my old team at a Cowboys game a few weeks ago. The one on the left is Brenda. Her husband works for the Cowboys so we get to sit in a suite when we go. It's not quite the same as sitting in the middle of the crowd though. But the free food and air conditioning sure are nice. That's Karen, DeWayne's mom, in the middle. Lisa, in the black shirt, is getting married on the same day as the JAM in November. She got moved to 4th grade this year. Kelli moved school's this year like I did. Her husband is a youth minister. Brenda is now a pull-out reading teacher. So the team is all split up. :( But no matter how hard those principals tried, they can't keep us apart!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Breakfast with Megan

Saturday morning I had the privilege of having breakfast at Simply You Café with some of my favorite girls. Megan, Jen, Linda, Meg, Jill, and I all got together and ate a yummy breakfast at Jen’s café. It was the first time I’ve seen Megan in a long time! We all had fun catching up and hanging out. We’re still trying to talk Jill into starting a blog!

By the way, Megan, the flags at Six Flags were at half staff because Gov. Ann Richards passed away last week (not because of Sept. 11th like I thought). Oops! I hope Team Extreme didn't pressure you into riding too many rides!

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you this weekend for BSU Reunion ’06, as it’s been referred to. Michelle, I better start thinking now of something that no one else knows about me in case we play your game again like we did in Houston. :)

I just read Jessica’s blog about turning 30. And I must say, she’s taking it better than I am. I just turned 29 so I’ve got a ways to go, but when the day comes for me to turn 30, I’ll be wearing all black. But I guess it doesn’t sound as old as it used to. :) I remember when Dave Granger was old to me and he was probably 24. Those were the days...the good old days!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I finally met little Sawyer last weekend. It was way overdue and I'm a horrible friend for not going to Justin and Meredith's a long time ago. Please forgive me! It's past my bedtime tonight so I'm not going to write much, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sawyer loves to laugh at this pink pig!

Ashley and Austin tried to steal Baby Sawyer.

But Meredith caught them just in time!

Michael wanted to take the pig home but Sawyer wouldn't let him. :)

Look at those cheeks! Apparently, Sawyer has a little girlfriend named Georgia at daycare. Be careful,'re too young to be breaking hearts already!
Thanks for the food and fellowship, guys. It was fun!

Tonight I went out to eat with some of my old team members from my old school. This is us a couple of years ago...a little fuzzy though. Our kids were presenting a Farmer Brown-type musical that night at PTA so we decided to dress up too. I'm glad overalls aren't around much anymore. They were so not flattering.

We had so much fun catching up. It was a great stress-reliever! We talked and laughed for about 3 hours at La Hacienda Ranch (again, Jessica!). I miss them, but am really enjoying my new school. Lesson plans are still kickin my butt, but surely it will get better soon. If only I could figure out a way to keep my desk cleaned off!