Wednesday, June 25, 2008

who's got a boat???

This past weekend some friends and I went to a restaurant on Lake Grapevine called Little Pete's. Ohhhh, it made me want to go out on a boat so badly! Anybody have one and need an extra passenger every weekend? :)
the birthday boy Tim and his wife Krista
Mike and Wendi

the girls

Woo hoo, only 2 more days of teaching summer school. Next Tuesday is the TAKS Math test. I hope my kiddos do ok! I know they're going to miss me terribly after that. I'll think of them when I'm sleeping past 6:30! And I'm sure they'll do the same. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

lazy summer days

Ahhh, I love Fridays! I've been teaching summer school Monday through Thursdays and it's really not too bad. I have a couple of kids that have a bad attitude about being there (who can blame them!), but other than that, it's been ok. One day last week we were working on decimals so I had found 2 really good websites that had a ton of fun decimal games. Right after I started them on the computers, a district coordinator walked in. I could tell she wasn't happy to see them on the computers. But I figured we have 3 1/2 hours to work on one concept then by golly I can use some of that time on the computer. It wasn't like they were goofing off or I was sitting at my desk. But no, that afternoon she told my summer school supervisor that computers weren't allowed. Hello?!?! All year my district brags and brags about how computer savvy we are and ahead of other districts, blah blah blah, but apparently when it comes to getting ready for the TAKS test, computers don't help. I was just a little frustrated, can you tell? Anyway...sorry to go off about that. :)

But what I really enjoy is having Fridays off! :) Unfortunately it's been cloudy or rainy the last couple of days so I haven't been able to go to the pool. But the "cooler" weather is nice. It's been nice having some down time lately. But unfortunately I start shopping when I have free time and that's not good. Last weekend I bought some closet organizer stuff. Now if only I would use them! :) This week I went to the Sam Moon area and bought a purse and jewelry I didn't really need. Who knows what I'll buy today. I've also been enjoying going to hear some live music lately. My friend Sarah went with me to hear Deryl Dodd. He's a great entertainer and such a cutie.

He didn't know I was going to be there so he was excited to see me in the crowd. We're tight like that. jk!

Last weekend I went to see one my favorites, Walt Wilkins.
His wife Tina was with him too.

Some of the gang at my friend Mike's b-day dinner at Red Hot & Blue--
he's the tall one in the middle

Monday, June 02, 2008

thank you, kristi

Saturday night Kristi and I ventured out to Dallas to listen to some live music with our sunburned selves. (We had enjoyed a little too much pool time that afternoon.) I know we'll regret it when we're old and have wrinkly leather skin, but until then...oh well. So we went to a late dinner and then to listen to one of the Texas country singers I like, Josh Grider. Kristi probably won't admit how much she loved the music (yeah right!) but she was a nice friend to go with me. I guess now I owe you one, Kristi.

Here are some of the lyrics to one of his songs "Crazy Like You" that I like...

Well people sing songs all the time
Bout fallin in love and losing their minds
But it ain't love that drives folks mad
It's livin this life day in, day out
Tryin to figure out what it's all about
The who's, the when's, the where's, the why's, and the maybe's

I looked high, I looked low, looked far, looked wide
Before I looked in a mirror and I realized
I spend my time lookin for the wrong thing
A perfect insane would be so mundane
A man like me, I'm subject to change
And I'm lookin for someone whose tracks'll fit my train

I found me a girl and she's five foot four
And I never found a girl that I dote more
We are in tune and out of touch with all the same things
And she's as wild and mean as a deep blue sea
And pure and sweet as honey from a bee
And I love her to death, cuz that girl's crazy just like me

The chorus:
I say everybody's crazy so what you need to do
You need to find somebody crazy like you
Someone you can fuss and fight with
And when you make up then you can kiss all night with
Someone who shares your particular point of view
Oh they're bound to be crazy, just make sure they're crazy like you

So I guess I've been going at it all wrong. What I should've been doing was looking for someone crazy like me. :) Now I get it!
here's Josh singing at a music festival I went to in April