Monday, November 06, 2006

Workin' at the car wash...

Jessica and Meg and I got to go to a wedding shower for Amy Fewell this weekend. It was quite fancy. It was at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. That’s where they have the Byron Nelson. It was fun catching up with Amy. The other girls had all worked at Pine Cove. It made me miss some of my old Cho-Yeh friends. Anyway, we played a game where Amy had to answer your question before she could open your present. We ended up learning a lot about her fiance’ Chris so that was fun.

I talked to my friend Karen today. She taught with me at my last school and lives in the neighborhood across the street from me. She’s one of my friends that is always watching out for a single guy to set me up with. One day she almost brought home a guy she saw at the car wash. She then asked if she could start carrying around a picture of me so she could show them what I look like and they wouldn’t think she was totally making it all up. (No, I did not give her a picture!) So this weekend she and her husband were walking around in their neighborhood (of Sandlin homes—this comes in later) and noticed that one of the houses that they like was open and someone was about to move in. So they go up to it and this young guy is working in it. Come to find out, he’s Mr. Sandlin’s son. And he’s moving in. So Karen’s husband Jeremiah proceeds to befriend him and finds out that he’s single and will be living in that big house all by himself. Karen said I need to come over and go walking in her neighborhood with her. :)

Speaking of marriages (jk!)…in less than 2 weeks my friend Lisa will be getting married to Glenn. You’ll never believe how they met?!?! ;) Congratulations, Lisa!

The computer tech person at my school was finally able to put a picture of my 3rd grade team on our website. This was taken the day before school started back in August. I'm having trouble adding pictures today for some reason so that's why they're so small.

Tomorrow my assistant principal is coming to observe me. Every year we have to be formally observed. It always makes me nervous to think that someone is listening to every word I say and watching every move I make. It’s one thing for a bunch of kids to do it, but it’s different for it to be one of my principals with a notepad! Anyway, it will be during my math time so that’s good. We’re starting temperature so that will be quite interesting. I’ve decided to pass out the thermometers in the morning (during reading time) and get that excitement out of the way. Then maybe they’ll act better the 2nd time they see them. :) Oh, the little tricks of teaching!