Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Break

It's been a good Spring Break!!! I hate to see it end. :( I went to a Dallas Desperados arena football game last weekend with a few friends. I didn't get very good pictures though. My camera batteries died halfway into the game!

I went home for several days to visit my family. Since my nieces weren't on their Spring Break, I didn't get to see them much. But here's a pic of Reanne posing, as she loves to do!!!

I also got to go visit Megan and Jolie at their house. Unfortunately Todd was at the BCM that night. Megan and I had a good time catching up and Jolie is precious! I hate that I forgot to take pictures!

My friend Sarah and I went down to Greenville Avenue in Dallas to the St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday. It seemed more like a Mardi Gras parade because they throw beads more than candy. It was fun! Then later that night we hung out with some friends in Addison and Bedford.

I have a prayer request...tomorrow my aunt is having triple bypass surgery so please say a prayer for her. She's in the hospital in Shreveport. Thank you!

Now I'm off to do some lesson plans and probably take some tylenol pm soon. My body is not used to going to bed early so tonight is going to be fun. But waking up early in the morning is going to be even worse! Have a good week!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pics from the last couple of weeks...kinda random...

Last Saturday we had a wedding shower for Jilly Bean at my apartment. It was good to see everybody and catch up. Here are the hostesses with Jill. And here are some other girls that came. Several people were already gone by the time we took this picture.

I've never even been to the real Mardi Gras...don't particularly want to go actually. Remember when we used to get 2 days off for it in college though? It happened to fall on the TAKS Test Day this year. My friend Sarah and I found a Cajun restaurant that was giving out beads. Now I'm craving crawfish. :)

My friends Mike and Wendi invited people over to watch the Oscars a couple of weeks ago. We all filled out a ballot sheet but I had only heard of about 4 of the movies. So needless to say, I did not win! I didn't think the Oscars were ever going to end that night! Here's a self-portrait of me and my friend Jeff. He brought a Oscar-like trophy that he had received from work and we were over in the kitchen making acceptance speeches.

My niece Reanne emailed me today. She was at home sick with my dad. It was such a sweet email. My mom told her I'm coming home for a few days over Spring Break next week. She can't wait for me to come home. She loves her Aunt Mandy...what can I say. :)

We have Open House at school tomorrow night. That's where the kids bring their parents and show them what all we've been doing this year. We've got all kinds of projects hanging up everywhere, power points will be on every computer, the whole nine yards. We make the kids be their parents' tour guides so that keeps them busy and they won't want to conference with me...hopefully! Have I mentioned that I am ready for Spring Break next week?!?! :)

I'm sad there's not going to be a new episode of Grey's tomorrow night. I got spoiled to those for a while there. Like the title of this post says...random! Have a good weekend!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The big 3-0!!!

Happy 30th Birthday, Kristi!!!! I hope you enjoy this new decade. You'll have to let me know how it is. Send her an email or a comment on her blog and wish her happy birthday. For those of you that have already hit the big 3-0, do you have any good advice for her?