Monday, January 30, 2006

Simply You...

As you’ve already seen on Jessica’s blog, several of us met up at Jen’s new Simply You CafĂ© this weekend. The food was yummy! I can’t wait to go back! Although I'm not a morning person, some Saturday I'll have to set my alarm and go for breakfast. Who wants to join me? Here's a pic of my friend Natalie and I after we ate some peanut butter cheesecake. Jessica has a group shot on her camera that I’ve asked her to send me to put on here. But since she still has dial-up, it will take a while. I’ll post that one next time. I don't know why she didn't put it on her blog. Maybe we weren't all smiling. :)

So my friend Karen just had foot surgery the other day and will be home for a couple of weeks. Her one request is that I make her some 4 Layer Delight. Don’t you wish you had a bite? :) Do any of you ever use your Temple Tech cookbook? My brother loves your green bean bundles, Ashley.

Do any of you enjoy arena football? Probably not. Well, yesterday I went to the Desperados game. It’s a fun atmosphere, even if your date is a little shy. I thought I was supposed to be the quiet one. :) ha ha! He’s the one I went to the Christmas party at the Ballpark with. Only 2 more months until Opening Day for the Rangers. Go Dave!

Ok, well, I’m not feeling like this post was very blogworthy according to the latest rules, but it’s all I’ve got going on in my life this week that's not work-related, so there you have it. Blog on, my friends…and blog any way you choose. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rainin' and Bloggin'

Yeaaa, it’s finally raining in the Metroplex!!! We’ve been needing rain forever! So now, Justin Bufkin, let the grilling continue. Oh wait…you still grilled even when there was a ban in effect, right? :) It’s also 45 degrees outside, which is way too cold for me, but that’s ok, as long as it’s raining. It was a good afternoon for a nap.

I’ve really enjoyed linking to so many different people’s blogs lately. It’s especially fun when there are pictures. The computer teacher at school is having a blog training in a few weeks to teach us how to use blogs for our classrooms. I felt special that I already knew what a blog even was. If it wasn’t for my Tech friends, I would still be clueless. I figure one blog is plenty for me to keep updated for now. Not enough of the kids in my class own computers for me to go to that trouble. I’m still waiting on Carrie, Linda, Stacy, and Jill to start their blogs though. hint hint! Don’t say it’s because you’ve got nothing to write about…look at me, I don’t either! :)

I linked to the Commonground Band’s website and noticed that they’re playing at FBC Grapevine in 2 weeks. Does anyone want to go?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


What a great time we had in Houston this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of when we were at Chuy's so not everyone is in these pictures....sorry! Matt Landrum really enjoyed having a bunch of chatty girls at his house this weekend. It was HIS choice to stay up till 1:00 with us both nights to have girl talk. :) He loved it! And that Baby Andrew...well, he's just about perfect in every way! And boy, does he love to be photographed! Jessica learned lots of ways to use her yearbook camera this weekend thanks to Linda. She'll also be going out to buy a sandwich-maker soon. If you've never tried it, put ranch on your turkey sandwich next time. It's yummy! Todd took a couple of hours out of his busy schedule to meet up with us for dinner at Chuy's. But he was text-messaging the whole time so I'm not sure if it really counts. Maybe his Tech friends aren't as fun as his Houston friends. But what guy wouldn't be jealous of him. He got to have dinner with 9 women and eat a salad at the same time. :) Good luck at your marathon next weekend! Run, Richards, run!

Like on Michelle's blog, here are some things I learned this weekend...

If you're like me and like to make good timing on road trips, don't travel with Jessica. She likes to make frequent stops. I missed half of Desperate Housewives but we'll blame that on slow service at Sonic.

I will try Deborah's trick of not washing my husband's clothes someday. But I will not try Michelle's trick. Poor Dan! ;)

When I'm ready to buy a house someday, I will go to Matt Landrum for advice. He's an expert at living within your means.

West Elm...whatever it is...closes early.

Parking at the Galleria costs $2/hour. For 6 hours, that's $12. Right, Linda? And the DoubleTree Hotel is within walking distance.

Anyway...maybe we can rotate between Houston and Dallas and have little reunions more often. Thanks for the laughs! It was some good times!

P.S. This is a pic of the computer that Shandra blogs from all day.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Weekend is Here!

I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend! My class acted ok the 1st couple of days back. But then they showed their true colors. I’m getting a student teacher on Monday so that should be fun. It wasn’t that long ago when I student-taught for Mrs. Liz Hood. It was such a great experience. I hope I can be a good influence for this chick. I’m going to try to be positive all the time and keep my sarcastic comments to myself. How tricky will that be?!?! :) Here’s a pic of some of my kids in their pajamas back in Dec. when it was Polar Express Day. Pretty cute, huh?

So last Wednesday night while the rest of the people in Texas were watching the Rose Bowl, my friend and I went to a Stars hockey game. Another friend had given us the seats for free because he wanted to watch the football game instead. Our seats were high up but they were in the middle so that was good. I was hoping for a few fights on the ice but that didn’t happen. I love watching the refs scramble to get out of the way. Anyway, th
e Stars won 3 to 1!!!

I’m excited about our weekend in Houston next weekend. I get to spend 4 hours on the ride there absorbing knowledge from Jessica. Maybe she can give me some blog pointers while we drive. And as for the one picture I got from the Sanks wedding, here it is. My camera was a little slow because Meg and Michael had already passed through. But aren’t Ashley and Deborah lovely? ;)

Ok, so I have a “girl” question for you….when you first start dating someone and you don’t like some of his clothing choices, how do you go about changing that? Some people suggest gradually start buying him a shirt here and there and before you know it, his whole closet looks better. Others say have a talk with him about it. What are your thoughts? :) I can’t wait to hear them!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yeaaaa, I am finally back in Euless!!! It has been a long Christmas break. I'm not excited about going back to work tomorrow but I am glad to be back in my own apartment. I still haven't unpacked all of my stuff though. I got in yesterday afternoon then went to the Cowboys game last night. Unfortunately, they didn't win but they weren't going to the playoffs anyway. Here's a picture of their locker room...that's where I like to hang out after games. :) And I was going to put a picture from last week when Carrie, Jason, Meg, Michael, Stacy, and I met at Johnny's. But, Carrie, I can't get that one to open on my computer. I can see it, but I can't open it. So I found another picture to make all of you wish you were there with us. Mmmmmm.

I can't believe it's 2006. I went to the little New Years party at the BSU Saturday night after Meg and Michael's wedding. I know it's really the BCM but it will always be the BSU to me. Towards the end of the night, we sat in a circle in the chapel and Jessica asked people to share memories. It was really fun listening to John and Eric tell stories. Someone would just mention a name and we would all laugh. For instance...Chuck L. Remember him? He was very passionate about envangelism! Anyway, it was "good times" and we missed those of you who weren't there. I forgot to take my camera so I copied this pic from Stacy. Thanks, Stacy! :)

I didn't get any pictures at Meg's wedding but Kelly M. did. :) If you want to see them, go to her website, click on schedule/contact, then view your photos, then the password is mitchell. They weren't on there as of this morning but hopefully they will be soon. We got to see Dave and Allison G. and their 2 kids and Matt and Angie J. and their little boy. It was cool seeing Dave G. as a daddy. And surprisingly, his kids don't have curly hair. :)

Ok, so for those of you who have been dying for me to post something new, are you happy now? It's not exciting because I haven't done that much these last 2 weeks. As soon as my family sends me some pics from Christmas, I'll show you my niece that looks like me. (She's really cute!) Now I'm going to go have lunch with Kristi because she's in Shandra, I won't be able to read your comments for a little while. But thank each of you for making my comments go up to almost 50. :) I feel the love!