Saturday, August 15, 2009

museums, dolls, and a baby shower

Unfortunately summer is just about over around here. It's time to get back on a schedule and start my new job at my new school. We had a leadership meeting this past week so I got to meet several of the team leaders and support staff. Change is good but it can also be hard. I saw some of my friends from my old school last week at training and it reminded me that I'll miss not seeing them everyday. But I'm sure I will make lots of great new friends this year.

Part of the Davison family came out for a quick trip to Dallas before school starts back. Sarah Margaret had been telling Margaret that she wanted me to take her to the airplane museum that we went to 2 summers ago. So I take her and Lannie to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison thinking that it's the same museum as last time. Uh, nope! We get there and it's lots of cool airplanes...OUTside. And boy was it hot

By the time we were done, it was too late to get to the correct museum (Frontiers of Flight) at Love Field before it closed. So the next morning we got there as the doors were opening and Sarah Margaret loved it. It was just as she remembered it. If only we had her brothers there to tell us about all of the planes, like last time. I highly recommend both museums for both kids and adults. :)

Then we met Margaret back at the Galleria to have lunch at the American Doll Store. That place cracked me up. I think some of the moms were more into it than the daughters. You could even pay $10 - $20 for a lady to style your doll's hair or get the doll's ears pierced!!! The Bistro was cute and fancy. It even had little chairs for the girls to sit their dolls in and attach to the table.

Sarah Margaret and Lannie shopping for doll accessories--those outfits cost as much as my outfits!

enjoying our lunch at the Cafe

Today I went to Emily's house for Jen's baby shower. Baby Colton will be here in less than 2 months! It was fun seeing everyone and catching up.
Emily, Jen, her mom and sisters

Jen and her mom Dorothy

Meg cutting the cute cake into perfect sized pieces :)

And no, they didn't make Jen bake her own cake. :)

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Anonymous said...

How fun...I made a blog post! Thanks again for coming to the shower. It was fun times!