Thursday, January 14, 2010

the Pioneer Woman book signing

Pretty much everyday I read the Pioneer Woman's website ( I've gotten so wrapped up in her recipes and stories, I feel like I have to check it daily. Not to mention that she has giveaways a lot so I try to keep up with those. As soon as I go a few days without checking it, sure enough she'll give away 5 Kitchen Aid mixers!
A couple of months ago she put out a cookbook. My parents were going to get it for me for Christmas, but when I found out she was coming to Dallas for a book signing, I decided I wanted the book early so I could try to get it signed.

I found a friend at school that likes her website too. Not as much as me, but enough to want to go with me. She wasn't able to go as early as I was so I headed to the Borders in Plano by myself to see what the process was like to get in line. I had seen on another friend's facebook status something about getting her ticket a few days early for a signing in Houston. I called that morning and found out you had to get a bracelet first. The first 100 bracelets were one color, then the next 100 bracelets were another color, and so on. By noon they had already given out 2 or 3 colors, so I felt like by the time I could get there after work, it would be too late. I almost didn't even go. The lady on the phone told me that I could only get one bracelet and my friend coming late would be on her own.

I got there, got my bracelet, and asked the lady how long of a wait she thought it would be. She said I could leave and come back around 8 (it started at 7) and it would probably be time for me to get in line. Well thank goodness I didn't leave! They called my color group around 6:00 or so. Come to find out, they were forming the (very long) line ahead of time. To have book signings as often as they do, those Borders people were very uninformed!

Once my friend Tina got there, she drove around for 30 minutes just looking for a parking space. Finally she got inside and got her bracelet. While waiting for her, a lady came by who had an extra bracelet in my group so Tina was able to get in line with me. She had not bought her cookbook ahead of time so when she went to buy one, it was the LAST one they had. It even had a little tear on the cover but she didn't care.

We waited in line until about 10:00 to meet the Pioneer Woman and get our book signed. I thought that sounded late until I saw on her facebook page that she was there until after 2:00 signing books. She had mentioned earlier that day that she would stay until every book was signed and I guess she did. Those were some true fans at 2:00. I felt sorry for her! Her 2 daughters were with her.

It was weird to see people in person that you read about everyday and feel like you know better than you actually do. It ended up being quite a fun adventure. I'm glad I went and stuck it out, even if I didn't get my homework turned in until the next day!

Not the best picture of me. I asked the guy to take 2 pics since I have a tendency to blink in pictures--sure enough, I'm about to blink and he only took 1 pic!

And SOMEday I'm determed to win one of her contests! I just hope it's the Kitchen Aid mixer day and not something random. And as long as I'm wishing, I might as well wish to become a good cook like her and find someone similar to her Marlboro Man. ;)


jill said...

I love her website and her recipes are just my style with the pictures and all.

Let me know when you want to try out a recipe and I'll be your taster!

Shandra said...

i've heard a lot about her lately. i need to check her out!!

Mandy said...

Her new cooking site where everyone can post and search for recipes is

It will make you hungry! :)

Mimi said...

I was looking at some of Ashley's blogs and had often wondered who's this was...cute! I've loved catching up with all you've been doing and love your new's so cute! Hope you're having a great year!
Debbie Grimes